Rough Time 2017

Hi all been a bit of a trying couple of months, I have lost 3 family members over 3 weeks and this has been hard to get training again. I have moved the Isle of Wight Charity ride to March 2018 and will confirm the date soon…..been out with Donnie Darko, Spitfire and The Machine a couple of times and trying to get ready for the Cambridge 100 on 30th April, seeing how it goes.

So one last tribute to my Grandpa, a kind caring, loving man and clever, from music box making to watch repairs to everything….his fun and humor I will keep going for ever

” Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed and forever dear.”

Happy New Year All

So starts 2017, lets hope we have a good Cycling year !

Most rides are now up on Bike Events and Wiggle and I have booked as many as I can.

Remember the Isle of Wight ride will be in October and I might be heading to Taklamakan Desert in November to do the 347 Miles non stop to beat 28 hours 17 minutes but this is proving to be a nightmare to organise, will keep you posted.

Be nice to catch up with you all soon, Donnie Darko is still off after having his hip replaced and Peanut will be in soon to have his hernia operated on.

So as always ride safe, ride free, ride fast !

The Green Meanie

Winter Season is now here

Well Guys its been an eventful year….

Loads of rides done and yet again loads of charity money raised, thanks to you all for putting up with me The Green Meanie and all my wacky money raising ideas, I like to think we make a diference in the fact of helping where we can and do the best we can, I will always be doing something while I still can to help those who need it.

You are all great as well for giving up your time to help.

So ride safe, ride fast, ride good, always enjoy the life.

The Green Meanie

New Charity Ride 2017

Hi Guys, have a new challenge for next year ! Just been over to the Isle of Wight for a few days and did some cycling, some great hills and lots of wind as usual ….met everyone from the Sandown & Shanklin Independent Lifeboat, these guys risk their lives for others and do it voluntary all year round and need donations to help keep them going, so you know where im going with this….next year was going to cycle the Island full circuit but I will be wearing a Lifeboat Crew outfit ( only me ), the team have given me an old outfit to train in but will have to modify it a bit, would like all you guys with me and see what we can raise for them, let me know your thoughts please, The Green Meanie

Its Over

Long drive home yesterday after an amazing journey with everyone. Would just like to thank everybody involved all the riders and all the support team, they have all taken their own time off for nothing to raise money for a great cause. The cycling has been one of the toughest things I have had to do, the hill climbing and the descents were scary stuff especially in the rain, we had to change brake blocks out as they were wearing away and even some climbs we had to walk up and down it was so dangerous. We had about 6 punctures and a couple of crashes but everybody stayed safe through out, I think the rain tried to beat us into submission but didn’t win, some amazing scenery we have seen and Lands End final road was a relief. I have shared this with amazing people and I am lucky to have had this opportunity, there are loads of story’s to be told but that’s over coffee haha, Green Meanie ( in rest mode )

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